About Me

About Me
My husband, Mike, and I live in the Greater New Orleans area, and our favorite thing to do is dine out and discover new (and old) restaurants in our city (see my friend, Emily's Fleurdelicious blog for fabulous suggestions).
However, I decided to start learning to cook in the past year, and since then, it's (mostly) been an improvement with each dish.
Mike has also expanded his palate from strictly meat and potatoes with nothing green, to new vegetables and dishes, including but not limited to asparagus and broccoli.
We enjoy eating healthy, exercising, and date night. But occasionally we stay home so that I can stay in my PJ's and cook!

Our puli, Marley, mostly likes to hang out with us and stare at us a lot. She enjoys waking us up in the middle of the night, snuggle time, play time, lounging around, and barking. Oh, and all of her toys. She, however, gets no scraps, as she's allergic to meat byproducts. :(